Information about the Neighbourhood Planning process

Action for Market Towns – Neighbourhood Planning Briefing

Campaign to Protect Rural England - How to shape where you live:

Dept for Communities and Local Government -  Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning

DEFRA: Neighbourhood Plans - The Rural Frontrunners: Case Studies and Tips

Levett-Therival - Guidance on Sustainability Appraisal

Planning Advisory Service, Neighbourhood Planning Event presentation

Planning Aid England – Forum For Neighbourhood Planning

Planning Portal web pages on Neighbourhood Planning

Rural Community Council of Essex – Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

SKDC - Neighbourhood Planning

Statutory Consultees - Planning for the environment at the neighbourhood level

Town and County Planning Association  – Your Place, Your Plan

Urbanvision – Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Planning

Hough on the Hill

with Gelston and Brandon

Neighbourhood Plan : more information

Hough on the Hill Parish (click to expand)

Other Important Documents

South Kesteven Local Plan

National Planning Policy Framework

Hough on the Hill Conservation Area

Local Documents

Hough NP Area Designation Approval Letter

Project Team Minutes:   31 May 2013

26 Jun 2013

26 Jul 2013

15 Oct 2013

29 Oct 2013

9 Dec 2013

Timetable (Aug 2014)

Neighbourhood Plan

    Draft Plan

    Plan Development

Loveden Homepage

   Parish Council Info

Parish Council Site


Agri Environment Schemes

Historic Statutory

Forestry and Woodland Schemes

Countryside Access


Landscape Classifications

2011 Census

SKDC Housing Register Information

Policy Compliance Analysis

Strategic Environmental Assesment
Screening Report

Traffic Accident Data:
Hough on the Hill local area / Extended Area

Flood Risk map

Natural England SEA Screeing Response

7 Jan 2014

10 Feb 2014

12 Mar 2014

30 Apr 2014

30 Jul 2014

16 Sep 2014

Natural England Consulation Response

Natural England SEA Screening Response

English Heritage SEA Screening Response

Environment Agency SEA Screening Response

SKDC SEA Screening Response

Submission Documents

Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix 1 - Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix 2 - Loveden Hill Justification Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement

Consultation Statement Appendix 5

Evidence Base