Church Lane North

Only heads of families are listed here.  We have more details of village families - please contact us if you’ve any particular interest, or if you’ve any information about the village.

Church Farm

Mid 18th Century

1841-71      William Stuffin

1882-1905  Charles Theaker

1930/33      F H Ransome

1937-1950s Jack Hart

Rose Cottage (Plot 99 on map)

(re-built and moved slightly c1980)

1811 John Sewards

1841 William Rawding?

1850-1901 Thomas Rawding, labourer

East of Church (Plot 100, Village hall site)

1851  Joseph Glossop, labourer

Church Farm Cottage Site (Plot 94)

1841-1871  Amos Squires, labourer

Church Farm Cottage (built 1903)

1903-         (possibly) Charles Ellis

North of Church Lane, near well (Plot 93)

1840s     George Guylee

1851-61  George Ross, farmer

1871      George Ross (son)