Gelston Grange 1850 Gelston, early 1920s. Includes Harry Squires (2nd left) & Mrs Collins (right) Gelston Grange, 1955

The property was initially known as Loveden Grange. The farmhouse, built in 1840, was added to earlier farm buildings probably built c1800.  

John Carr was the first tenant of the holding which consisted of 93 acres. John Squires, grazier of Gelston, became tenant on 2 Nov 1867 following the insolvency of John Carr.

Gelston Grange

Built 1840            

1850  John Carr

1871  John Squires, 44

1881  John Squires, 54

1891  John Squires, 64

1901  John Squires, 74

1905-37  Henry Squires