Principle Landowners in 1850

1st Earl Brownlow of Belton

James Vere

Rev Leland Noel Noel, Vicar of Exton

Francis Brown

Francis Hart


Some of the Belton estate (Sandlands) seems to have been sold from the Charles family to the Secker family in the 18th century, before being sold on to the Belton estate in the early 19th century.

In the 17th century Brandon Lodge seems to have been owned by the Marshall family, then the Tooker family and then  the Welby family.  They sold it to Sir Robert Sutton in 1720.  It was next bought by Rev Hall (of Westborough) in the 1780s.  By this time the tenant was Samuel Crosby.  The land was auctioned in 1811 and bought (it seems) by Lunn.  He sold it to Lord Brownlow in 1840.