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Westborough Hough
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Carlton Scroop Those entries marked + are commemorated on the memorial window in Carlton Scroop Church.

India & Boer War

William Beecham

Joseph Richardson

William Costall

Thomas Tunnadine

Joseph Whaley

Thomas Rawding

William Ross

Jesse Shelbourn

Horace Turner

James Whaley

World War One              

Isaac Adamson +                     

Sidney Anderson +              

Thomas Armstrong +           

J William Ayto +                   

Ernest Baker +                     

George Carter +

George Cleaver +

Arthur Cotterill         

George Deacon +

Frederick Dolby    

Charles Dove

Arthur Fox  

Herbert Fox +

Cecil Hayward +

Claude Hayward +

Charles Hales   

John Harrison

Percy Lord     

Neville Northover +

William Palmer +

Harry Parkin            

Frank Partridge

Joseph Pitt

Walter Rastall           

Frederick Rickett

World War Two

Frank Bramford  +

J Archie Bramford +    

Thomas Lamb +

Albert McCreary +

RMC MacFarlane

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Normanton (on Cliffe)

World War One                                World War Two

Frank Cartwright                                John Andrew

Walter Crowley                                  John Chambers

Joseph Gale                                      David Brister

Charles Hedworth                              Edward Dennison

John Hempsall

Charles Spendlow  

Richard Woods


Hough War Memorial Fund 1920 (4MB file)

Hough War Memorial Invoice



At the outbreak of war in 1914 the British Army numbered approx. 700,000 men, but only about a third of these were regulars, half of whom were based overseas.

Another 5,000,000 men were recruited during the war, about half of them conscripted.

Men aged 18-41 were liable to be called up, but many men (or their employers) appealed to the local military service tribunal.   For agricultural workers in this area it was the Grantham Rural Tribunal, which met in the Guildhall and comprised about 6 prominent local farmers plus an Army officer.  Many key farm workers were given some kind of exemption, either temporary or conditional on a replacement being found.

Several local men were already serving with the Grantham Squadron of the Lincolnshire Yeomanry (the cavalry arm of the Territorial Army).  Many of those recruited during the war joined the (expanded) Yeomanry or the Lincolnshire Regiment.  Several joined the Machine Gun Corps, which was formed in 1915 and based at Belton Park.  Others joined specialist units related to their peacetime jobs; for example, railwaymen from local ironstone quarries joined Royal Engineer railway units and farm waggoners could find themselves hauling ammunition for the Royal Artillery.

Hough Parish Casualties

There are 13 names on the Hough War Memorial but not all those named were technically residents of the parish.  Men were quite often recorded on 2 (or even 3) memorials if they or their family had moved between villages.  On the other hand, many soldiers who were born in the parish but had moved away are not listed.   We haven’t completed the research, but we estimate that the number of Hough, Gelston and Brandon residents killed was about 10.

Nationally, almost ¼ of the British male population served in the forces during WW1 and 705,000 British servicemen died (mostly in the Army).   Roughly 12% of soldiers died during the war, with about twice as many wounded.  About 10% of the deaths on active service were not due to enemy action.

The population of Hough parish in the 1911 census was 503, of whom 262 were male. Of these, 77 were aged 15-34 in 1911 and hence would have been eligible to serve at some point in WW1. If 50 men from the parish had joined up and 10 died, that represents a death rate of 20%, which is higher than the national average but (given the uncertain numbers) not unusually so; especially since the infantry and (even more so) the Machine Gun Corps had the highest proportion of casualties.

So far we’ve only listed 30 men with local connections who we know to have served in WW1 (including several who were not residents), so there’s still lots of research to do.

Hough on the Hill Parish

The men marked + appear on the War Memorial.


World War One                                World War Two

Cecil Ross                                         Ronald Hall

Charles Collin                                     Clifford Vincent Holmes

George James Ogden                        Ronald Edward Hall

Rowland Swallow                                Alfred John Hull

Charles Iremonger                               William Noble

                                                          Ralph Noble

                                                         Arthur Stewart King Scarf

                                                         Aubrey Ronald Medhurst


World War One                           

Robert Sidney ANDERSON

Albert Victor BATES

Alfred Edward BIRD

Alexander CARR




Walter CROWLEY  


Thomas GREEN


John Thomas HEMPSALL

Herbert LEWIS

John Richard LOUND

Walter Edward LOUND

Thomas LOUND

Arthur PARR


Jasper Francis ROYDS

George SPEED

Charles William WAUDBY

George WELLS




World War Two

Phillip John CLAYTON

Gerald Lister Lindsell DODSON


William Edward SHILLAKER



George Bateman

Herbert Whiteley Bird

Albert Gray

Walter Hallam

Norman Hallam

John Hallam

Leonard Hallam

John Mortlock

John Potterton

Leslie Spencer

Frederick Wilkinson


Frank Dove

Armine Davison

Walter Emerton

Frederick Hickman

Mark Kisington

Laurence Mears

William Napping

Charles Saxelby

Horace Waltham


John Thomas Herbert Searson

Herbert Rylett

Walter Saxelby

George Bateman

Charles Hedworth

John Mortlock

Military Connections

The following men who served in H.M. Forces had connections with the following parishes. Where the entries are underlined, follow  the links to see their service details on the respective family history pages.  We’ve missed out some details to make the stories more readable.  Please contact us if you have a particular interest in someone.








William Muxlow

James Gibson

Herbert Atkinson

John Rodwell

Herbert Lawson

George Whyley

James Whyley

Alfred Wiseman


John North

Charles Wise

Long Bennington


J Burrows

H Fenton

F Sentance

G Hempshall

J Wilkinson

G Simpson

H Spicer

T Martin

J Foster

W Rance

J Whittaker

T W Cragg

J W Bennett

J W Burrows

Chris C Clark

C H Cutts

G W Cutts

A Kirton

J W Norman


H S Headland

E W Loveless

E North

H Phillips

J Kirton


Bernard Robinson

John Hallam



G Bell

M Bell

W Bloomfield

George William Clarke

Joseph Clarke

Arthur Edwards

Harby Johnson

Tom Martin

William Morley

Joseph Nichols

Arthur Reynolds

John Reynolds


George Trowell,

J W Ware


John Allis   

Sidney Anderson    

Cecil R Ashton  

Eric J Ashton  

Walter J.Baggley   

Jimmy Bellamy

Walter Brown   

Alfred Bootes   

Charles Carford  

Albert E Cooling   

William S Dent    

Benjamin Footman  

Stephen Gould

William Gilks    

Walter R. Graves    

Ralph Hutchinson

Edward Hutchinson    

Albert Jackson  

George  Mansell

Leonard Osbourne    

William  Overton   

Harry Picker   

Frederick Wilson


Carlton Scroop



Hough on the Hill  




Long Bennington




Local Aviation History


The parish of Westborough and Dry Doddington does not have a war memorial.  These are of casualties of the Great War (1914-1918) with connections to Westborough:

Gerald Ainsworth

George Edward Bellamy

William Richard Copley

Dry Doddington

These are of casualties of the Great War (1914-1918) with connections to Dry Doddington:

Jimmy Bellamy

Alfred Charles

Philip Harmer

Henry Martin Millington

George Grundell


Reginald Bainbridge

John William Bainbridge

Charles William Edis

Richard Andrews

Walter Lightfoot

Neville Northover

Frederick Spencer Thick

Harold Jones

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