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Westborough Hough

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Hough on the Hill

Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

History Society

Hough Community Project

Hough on the Hill Military Connections

Those marked + appear on the War Memorial

India & Boer War

William Beecham

Joseph Richardson

William Costall

Thomas Tunnadine

Joseph Whaley

Thomas Rawding

William Ross

Jesse Shelbourn

Horace Turner

James Whaley

World War One              

Isaac Adamson +                     

Sidney Anderson +              

Thomas Armstrong +           

J William Ayto +                   

Ernest Baker +                     

George Carter +

George Cleaver +

Arthur Cotterill         

George Deacon +

Frederick Dolby    

Charles Dove

Arthur Fox  

Herbert Fox +

Cecil Hayward +

Claude Hayward +

Charles Hales   

John Harrison

Percy Lord     

Neville Northover +

William Palmer +

Harry Parkin            

Frank Partridge

Joseph Pitt

Walter Rastall           

Frederick Rickett

World War Two

Frank Bramford  +

J Archie Bramford +    

Thomas Lamb +

Albert McCreary +

RMC MacFarlane

More Military Connections

Emma Sheardown

World Class Para Dressage Rider from Hough

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