Whaley Family

Thomas and Mary Whaley lived in Hough on the Hill around the turn of the eighteenth century.  They had 10 children, all born in Hough:

Edward Whaley, born 1695

Mary Whaley, born 1697, died same year

Anne Whaley, born 1698, died same year

Mary Whaley, born 1700

John Whaley, born 1702

Susanna Whaley, born 1704, died same year

Rachel Whaley, born 1705

Thomas Whaley, born 1708, died 1710

Thomas Whaley, born 1711

Elizabeth Whaley, born 1714

Next Generation – Children of Thomas and Mary Whaley

Edward Whaley (born Hough 1695) married Elizabeth Drury Dec 1724.  They lived in Hough for a few years before moving to Hougham. Their children were:

Mary Whaley, born Hough abt 1725

John Whaley, born Hough abt 1726

Thomas Whaley, born Hougham Dec 1730

Rachel Whaley (born Hough1705) had an illegitimate son John Whaley in 1731.

Generation 3  - Family of Thomas Whaley (b. 1730)

Thomas Whaley (born Hougham 1730) lived in Hougham and had 3 children:

Anne Whaley (born Hougham 1753)

Thomas Whaley (born Hougham 1756)

Mary Whaley (born Hougham 1759)

Generation 4 – Family of Thomas Whaley (b 1756)

Thomas Whaley (b. Hougham 1756) seems to have married twice, firstly to Esther Clark (b. Wisbech St Mary 1765). They lived in Hougham, then Foston, then Long Bennington.  She bore him 6 children before her death in 1799:

Thomas Whaley, born Hougham 1784

William Whaley, born Foston 1787

John Whaley, born Long Bennington 1789

James Whaley, born Long Bennington abt 1791

Anne Whaley, born Long Bennington 1795, died 1797

Esther Whaley, born Long Bennington 1797, died 1798

Soon after Esther died he married Eleanor Brown (Westborough church, June 1799) and had another 4 children:

Edward Whaley, born Long Bennington 1800

Robert Whaley, born Long Bennington 1802

William Whaley, born Long Bennington 1804

Mary Whaley, born Long Bennington 1806

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